How The JPA Helps



The JPA works to ensure that Jamaica Pond and the Emerald Necklace are safe, accessible, and well-maintained.  In years past, the JPA has been involved in clean-ups, reconstruction, and renovation projects.  


The JPA is dedicated to improving the Centre Street business district.  The group has:

  • Financially supported the removal of security grates from the windows of Centre Street businesses;
  • Worked with the City to remove graffiti; 
  • Reviewed business requests for changes in licensing and operating hours.


The JPA works closely with local and state police, the fire department, and other neighborhood groups to identify ways to reduce crime and improve the safety of all residents.  It also provides a community forum for residents to raise concerns about safety.  


The JPA works to improve the character and sense of community in the Jamaica Pond neighborhood and has provided donations to local organizations including the Eliot School  and Courageous Sailing at Jamaica Pond.  


The City of Boston requires that all requests for zoning variances are first reviewed by the local neighborhood organization.  If there is a request in your immediate area, you will be invited to attend a JPA meeting where you can learn more about the proposed changes, receive answers to your questions, and share any concerns.  The JPA considers input from neighbors before making a recommendation to the City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeal.  The JPA has:

  • Reviewed requests from both local homeowners and Centre Street business owners who proposed projects or renovations that required zoning variances or changes in occupancy permits;
  • Coordinated the complex review processes of larger development projects and made detailed recommendations;
  • Encouraged linkage funds from large developments in the area to benefit Jamaica Pond Park.